We Make A Taxing Situation A Little Less Stressful

Receiving a letter from the IRS or Tennessee Department of Revenue can be a terrifying experience. Many people are afraid to even open the envelope. However, the worst thing you can do is wait.

We Are Here to Help.

At McCain Law Firm, we know how scary it is to be audited or to receive notice that you owe a tax debt and collection actions will be taken against you. Together, we will create a plan that minimizes your tax debt, protects your assets and helps avoid tax problems in the future.

Payroll Taxes - A Big Area Of Concern For Employers

One of the most common tax issues businesses face is payroll taxes. Whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor can result in a large mistake when withholding and remitting employment taxes. We will not only resolve current payroll tax issues, but we can also help you develop a plan to remain in compliance and limit yourself and your company of future liability.

Level The Playing Field

IRS agents are skilled tax professionals. They know the law and they are trained to collect as much tax as possible. At McCain Law Firm, we level the playing field.

Attorney Nikki McCain knows tax law — she has a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in taxation and an established record of successfully representing clients against the IRS and Tennessee Department of Revenue. She will make sure your rights and interests are protected.

State Tax Issues Are A Major Source Of Distress


The Tennessee Department of Revenue and Tennessee Department of Labor are responsible for collecting state taxes. If you have received notice of a tax deficiency or state tax audit, or have another state tax-related issue, you need legal representation. The state has powerful collection tools - just like the IRS - do not wait to contact a tax attorney.